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18 Tips From the Pros


Here's a marketing tip from the pros: Don't just talk about yourself, or promote your book/product. People want to get to know YOU!!

Share information you find interesting, pictures of your family or home, links to pages you visit often, resources that have helped you, and the list goes on. Readers want to know more about you the person before they learn about you the author. Don't just promote your book, but be a genuine human being through social media! Click here to see the video




The Black Mountain Pack: Book 1

Mack, the first in the Black Mountain Pack series is available for Pre-Order NOW and it's only 99 cents. Early beta reviews are coming in and they are loving it!! One click today. 







My family was everything to me; it still is, I guess. Unfortunately, my family consists of only two people now. The substance of my life was taken from me. Ripped right from under me, like a Band-Aid from a bleeding. Click this link to buy now.